Seeing as I am

By seeingasiam

Treasure Box

Noah has been poorly today: raging temperature and obviously feeling rough and clingy although, incredibly, still fairly cheerful bless him! However, this and the rain means that apart from a super-quick school run we've been confined to barracks.

I was casting around for an idea for today's blip when my eye fell on my treasure box. It's a rather beautiful, lacquered, oriental style box which my mother bought for me. I use it to store my favourite necklaces, or treasure, as Henry calls them.

So I decided to try a still-life and it;s trickier than it might seem. Lighting is the key to a good still life so it took quite a bit of experimentation before I got what I wanted...low key and rich colours.

If you're reading mum...I hope you think I've done it justice!

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