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By tmg

More rain

The rain continues. Yuck, will it ever end? It is very frustrating. Oh and we did have a small amount of water in the basement. Fortunately, the problem was not too bad and we continue to monitor it carefully. In the grand scheme of things, it is not a big deal especially we have many friends with much bigger problems.

The battle with the attic creature continues. We setup the trap last night only to return and find the bait gone and the trap not sprung. Clearly the creature was not heavy enough to trigger the trap and so we are trying plan B, rat traps. Hopefully this will resolve the situation. Visit tomorrow for an update.

I composed this to include the the roof of a nearby building in the drops. I like the recurring image.

A year ago: Our IT guy

Post processing:
Tweaked saturation and contrast in DPP

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