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New Dawn #3

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Third in the sequence (one a month between January 2010 and August 2011) and one which is now showing some evidence of activity, although not for the better in the minds of some.

The main change here is the removal of some of the trees that were shielding the hill that can now be seen. Locals are upset that these have been removed when they were assured they weren't going to be and the builders have said they were at the end of their lives and posed a health and safety hazard. The winds around here last night certainly took down a few other trees and maybe some of these would have been casualties anyhow.

As I was in two minds as to find another location to shoot this series from, now that there is something showing I may stick with it for a few shots more at least, until the building itself actually starts to take shape.

Biggest change is the cost of the petrol though - 116.9 which is up a whole 6 pence a litre from 4 weeks ago, 7 pence since January. Ouch.

This should have been taken next Wednesday but as I finish up for the Easter break tomorrow (woohoo!) I thought I'd sneak it in a week early.

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