By gblrps


This is another example of art in New Gorbals although it won't immediately be apparent. I need to do another picture showing a close-up. In fact I did take a few but I like this better. It also has the blue sky from this morning, combined with the building in the afternoon lighting (in between I got soaked by hailstones!).

The Twomax building is just off Old Rutherglen Road. The art is from a humorous idea to have a non polluting reminder of what it used to be like. So the smoke you see coming from the chimney is actually made from stainless steel and glass fibre.

I have chosen this view and this lighting as its the most realistic. Unfortunately from most angles it doesn't really look like smoke. In fact the locals tended to mistake it for a dead sheep sculpture as the building was originally a wool factory! I really like the idea.

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