standards of finishings

I suppose the number is the relevant bit but it'd be nicer if they illuminated the door more evenly. Mildly tempted to return with a properer tripod and attempt to dodge/burn in-camera, though it'll be too late for the work photo club for this month for which it could have been considered relevantish.

Prior to escaping for a nice relaxing walk in the pleasantly chilly air the flat was returned to a rare no-piles-of-random-shite-anywhere state in order to impress the man visiting in the morning on behalf of the letting agency which lets out our neighbour's flat in order to assess and tell us how much we could get away with charging for it. We still need to get Mrs Clumpy upstairs to fix the leak in her bathroom so that the leak-derived damage to our bedroom ceiling can be scheduled for repair but hopefully an experienced letting-agency-operative will be able to ignore the presence of large holes in ceilings and imagine it as it would be post-repair. Although it's been almost ten years since we last rented a flat I'm still vaguely surprised at what the door-slamming idiot-befriending tenant next door pays for something significantly smaller (though with the same amount of rooms) and with a significantly less pleasant view (grey buildings rather than pleasant green Meadows-grass), though some of the relative cheapness was perhaps due to the unfortunate occurrence of a swarm of wasps attempting to force their way in through the window every morning for a month or so which meant that a good ten minutes had to be spent finding and removing any which had managed to squeeze through somewhere before I could sit down and have breakfast.

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