By treegonk

Pepper Love

Red was quite surprised to find love this late in life, but the romance was short-lived.

He was tired and wrinkly and just couldn't keep up with Yellow's energy. Red was always slightly jealous that Yellow sat next to Green as well, and he felt slightly self-conscious of his rapidly developing skin problems.

They had laughed and loved through some great times in the fridge. Every day they saw an amazing light flick on and off and their world was illuminated for a few seconds, but in the end, it was destined to come to quite a nasty conclusion.

As the light flicked on one last time, they found themselves carried from the cool shelf. A large dark void of spluttering greasy stuff lay in wait and they went together stalk in stalk.

Green was left to try and reconcile an old relationship with Avocado, but she knew it would never be the same. Avocado had a huge nut and terrible skin, and Green knew, deep down in her seeds, that Avocado only had one thing on his mind.

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