By togrrrl

Golden-crowned Kinglet

When we went birding this morning in one of our favourite patches of forest, the trees were covered in these tiny birds.

It's amazing to think that most of them had just completed an overnight flight crossing Lake Ontario. Joining them were some of the usual early April birds: Winter Wrens, Fox Sparrows and the first of the Rufous Sided Towhees. The towhee found a perch and practiced singing. He wasn't very good at it yet.

Migration is still amazing to me. It unfolds in a predictable order, each species having evolved to arrive at the best time for its survival. Every year I learn more about nature and it just deepens my appreciation and joy.

However, back to reality later in the day. Furniture shopping again. Laundry sorting, cleaning and cooking. And now to relax with a good movie.

So, I know this isn't the best quality, but it's massively cropped. I just wanted to capture a little of what I see.

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