a town called E.

By Eej

Heeeeeere fishy, fishy!

We had an early start today, going to our state capitol Lansing to see Cirque du Soleil. I'd never been to Lansing and really wanted to see some of the sights. We decided on the Michigan Historical Museum and then a stroll around the State Capitol building.
The museum was really nice and we spend some hours there all by ourselves. Apparently, Michigan history is not that popular on the saturday before Easter, even if it is free.

We got outside for our walk and the wind was blasting. That made the place seem even more dead, though we did see an occasional jogger. We walked to the Hall of Justice and its Vietnam Monument and from then on to the State Capitol building.
I swear I heard crickets chirping.

Though I preferred that to what happened next:
The civil defense siren test.

Now, I've heard those sirens before. From a nice distance, inside the house.
These were on the buildings we just passed, about a hundred meters behind us. I couldn't find anything else to put in my ears so my fingers had to do. It was insane.

When it was over (it seemed to last an eternity as well) I said out loud that if they did that again, I'd show them how my defense siren sounds.

It was quiet the rest of the way ;)

When we turned the corner to the other side of the building, we walked into this deserted fish. On wheels. It's made out of empty laundry detergent bottles, in different colours. No sign, no nothing. It can make up several things it can be a protest against/for but I've been unable to find the real deal. If anyone knows?

After all that we went to Breslin Hall to see Cirque du Soleil. I might post some more about the show tomorrow, but this is already SUCH a long entry, I need to stop before the person still reading has fallen asleep :)

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