By wingpig


Maybe it's familiarity but I'm starting to find the immediate surroundings of my workplace more interesting at night than at lunchtime. Maybe it's because they're full of people in suits eating power sandwiches at lunchtime. Maybe I can't enjoy myself properly because I have stupid work-clothes on. Anyway, after dumping my bike at the shop and collecting the week's used shirts from work (which I couldn't take home when I finished as I had to go to a different building for a meeting) went for a wander down to Stockbridge, along the river to Canonmills then back home. One of the standard globular streetlamps on the west side of Charlotte Square appeared to be half-full of water creating a rainbow effect on the steps and pavement in front of some form of office. The close-up shots didn't really work as the shape of the light isn't evident so here's the luckily blur-free hand-held ½-second exposure of the whole thing.

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