Blah #2

I'm feeling blah today. Not completely sure why.

It's late. It's after 2am. I'm still awake. I want to be sleeping. I don't normally have trouble sleeping. Too many things running through my head.

I feel down. Sometimes I get this way. Just feel like I cannot get anything done. My brain feels like it's in a vice. Just thinking of doing any of the things I need to do makes it feel like it's getting tighter.

I had a nice dinner with Joel & Tessa. Except it was not long enough. But my vice squeezed brain would not let me keep them longer. Then when I took them home Tessa asked me to look at their computer, it's been acting funny. M came in and we talked while I was looking at the problem. It's nice talking to her, but it made the vice tighter. I wanted to scream and run, but I knew I could not. That made it even tighter.

Now it's 2:30 and I'm really tired and want to just sleep.

I was not going to post today (or yesterday) because I only have these crap images. But I also want to keep the words flowing and the dates accounted for.


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