I must be out of my mind. This is definitely a factor to my current mental distress. What the hell am I renovating my bathroom for? I, only just a few months ago, finished renovating my kitchen after a couple months of quiet after renovating my living room/dining room. Sheesh!

But it was soooo ugly. And as you can see, the walls were not insulated (stupid in Canada, let me assure you!). And now the rest of the house is done, this room looked so tawdry in comparison.

But while I expect to hold on to this house for a few years more (at least), I already spend less time here than would justify the expense of this reno. And I see the amount of time I'm here only decreasing with time. A lot!

So why do it?

I dunno. I guess cause I want to ;)

But it is making life very, very awkward and I really don't need that right now.


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