Bad Hair Day.

I was overwhelmed by the comments yesterday on my 365th. It was one I enjoyed creating to express the fun I have with blip. I'm not one of the: I-didn't-notice-it-was-my-balloon-day sort of people because I just love to be challenged to do something appropriate on those few occasions. I also like to visit other blipper's balloon days to be amazed at what they have done.

I haven't quite had time to thank everyone, but, I will because it's good to go round calling in on journals which I don't normally have time to see.

However, today, escaping from fantasy and back in the real life, I realised that my lovely cat, Ali, was sick and dehydrated. Nothing could tempt her to take a drink from the bath tap. She is now at the vets recovering from a high temperature, with antibiotics and a drip into her foreleg. They let me see her this afternoon, she had a splint with purple and pink bandages to secure the cannula. They want to keep her there till she starts eating again.

Tonight I was a bit down but it was a lovely evening so The Man offered to take me for a nice run out blip-hunting. This Shetland is one of a group living out on the Common. One of them had a foal only a few days old, but I prefered this shot.

Last year, my first blip Daffodils and Dragonfly.

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