wood walking

Tom came with me down to the woods, too much light today to get what I needed but it was nice to spend some time with him before he goes back to Uni. He's off to Boston MA for 10 weeks in the summer (and Canada) so its good to grab some dad/son time.

Been a nice day and Karin's off to a fancy french eatery tonight with her mates so we're chilling with take away curry and beer later, well beer for me he's more of a vodka lad.

The car saving is coming on well so now starting to think about which car to get, I had my eye set on an Audi A4 but feel that it might be a tad expensive when they go wrong so now looking at cheaper alternatives. Anything but this terrible heap we are currently just managing to keep on the road. Seat are looking good as well as the newer VW based Skodas.

Once the car is bought we can concentrate on saving for the American road trip next year :-)


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