By Bitblonde


P****d off would be putting things lightly for my mood today.

Put my washing machine on before I went up to bed... Two hours later I could hear it filling and re-filling... Went down to check it out to find my floor totally flooded. Spent 1 hr up till 3am mopping it all up but cant lift the flooring as the new units were built on top. just hope it doesn't start to smell.

I have had about as much as I can take with this kitchen, first the length of time it took them to put it in, then the shoddy work having to be repaired (and it's still not finished), still waiting on sockets to be put in including one for the washing machine!

Anyway, will use this blip as my room 101 for assignment9... and sorry if i don't comment today as I think I will just go and curl up in my bed as soon as my son kade is in his.

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