Full Scream Ahead

The temptation when you have an amazing and cute new baby daughter is only to shoot/post the angelic pictures (see previous days) ... but blip and my photography has never been about that ... you get it how I see it.

So today, this is what I saw.

To be fair, today was better than yesterday (although not much and we're tireder). She let us have a lie in after a pretty disturbed night and is currently sleeping like the proverbial.

Just to be on the safe side it'd be great if everyone in blip land could whisper "I do believe that baby42 can sleep through the night, I do, I do"* (a la Peter Pan). Thanks.

> Alternative: Crying Game

*what I actually mean is "I do believe that baby42 can sleep for four hours at a time between feeds between the hours of 22:00 and 06:00 because she's only got a little tummy, I do, I do" - but its not such an easy mantra to say :-)

- - - - -

LOTD: andreasone's "Nature Calling?" blip is excellent - a great blip in every sense as well as being a great shot. But did she get model releases?!

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