The Zombie Apocalypse

By tustin


Ewww. It's horrible, isn't it?


That old Seaside Town. Once popular with families, especially at the turn of the century, they've pumped assloads of money into casinos and new nightclubs, rather than making it a wonderful town full of excitement.

We walked down the prom. WE SELL FAGS, the window screamed as the carousel decayed. The Stag parties paraded up and down, agressive, racist posturing. I haven't been close to punching a random person on the street in years, but when one lad did a gorilla impression when a black couple walked past, right in the guys face, It took great effort for me not to let go of Jack's hand and punch him so hard it would take a good plastic surgeon to retrieve his nose from his stomach. I was furious for hours after.

The Hens walked up and down, in tiny french maids outfits. Now, don't get me wrong, I like boobs. Very much. Very, very much indeed. But at a family resort?

Not to worry. The circus tomorrow....

Barrumpah pah.

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