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Magic Doors

[This is part of a series of photos I'm doing inspired by songs. Every day I'm going to hit shuffle on my mp3 and then do a photo response to whatever the song is.]

The song for today is: Portishead - Magic Doors
Really cool video - check it out :)

I think these are magic doors too:
Public Art
St Giles

As a kid (and as an adult, actually!) I would always think these bricked up doors or windows would lead to a magic land. I would press on them, trying to find my way through...So, if you see a crazy lady pressing on walls, that's me! ;)

Today has been really good :)
I've been doing a lot of writing, mainly working on my short story for a music anthology. I've been really up and down about it over the past few days - some days it's working, others it's a disaster. But it seems to be coming together now...
It's called 'She's a Liquid' and explores the relationship between music, technology, our memories, and our bodies. It's a love story too...

The essay is going OK too, but i've not done nearly as much work on that as I should have by now, so feeling slightly panicked at the looming deadline.

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