By wingpig

exhibit 2,345: health and safety risk (2006)

Popped into the museum today for a quick poke to see if they've put the stuffed animals back yet. Hadn't. Ended up wandering round the scientific instrumentation section as all the currently-open natural history sections were full of parents misinforming their children about both the evolutionary origin and behaviour of all manner of birds, arthoropods, molluscs, crustacea and selected british mammals. It even says "SCAVENGERS" in big letters near the Marabou Stork exhibit so maybe the crisp-munching spoon telling their crisp-munching progeny "ooh, look at the big bird with the sharp beak what's just stabbed that deer with it" was illiterate as well as REALLY LOUD.
The main entrance area was cordoned off when I arrived in the morning for an undisclosed reason. It later became apparent that the Antiques Roadshow will be filming. I did get a wee picture of Michael Aspel next to the pond with the one-eyed tumourfish but it's a little bit blurry so here in its stead is a picture of a bundle of cables leading to all the high-powered (but not powerful enough to make Aspel unblurred) lights around the balcony.

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