live and love your life

By Chocolatelover

The sun is going down

1st destination : traditional market *accompanied my mom to traditional market* = DONE

2nd destination : hospital *accompanied my sister, she got eye pain, eergh she got it from my brother who got it first. hope i don't get this eye pain. hope you both get better soon* = DONE - not really done, what a sad, my sister got the same disease, eerrggh my brother spreading his virus at house-

3rd destination : college = DONE

4th destination : my friend college house *me and my friends visited our friend who was sick at her house* = DONE

5th destination : bintaro nine walk aka sekbil, near from my house *had nice saturday night with my friends there* = DONE

6th destination : my house *my friends accompanied me and came to my house, for the boys it's their first time came to my house, because far enough from their house* = DONE

7th destination : blipland *upload photo* = DONE

then..Have an amazing saturday and weekend blippers! :)

goeie nag - selamat malem - good night! :)

PS : Have you read the news about meteor rain?have you seen that and got the photo of it?

--enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things--

Backblipped :)

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