Was It Really So Long Ago

By LincolnGreen

Turning Electricity Bills into Windmills

This blip is in danger of turning into a rant, so apologies in advance if it does. Some time ago, we looked at changing electricity supplier and quite by chance, stumbled across an article in the Guardian about a small company, based in Stroud, dedicated to changing the way electricity is made. Before I lose the rest of you, the company is called Ecotricity and can be found on twitter too: @ecotricity. OK, so just stick with me for the next bit. Ecotricity pledge to price match the big 6 energy companies, so many people don't pay a penny extra, they invest all their profits into building new green sources of energy and even offer green gas.

I'm far from the greenest consumer in this fine land, but signing up to Ecotricity with their fabulous customer support was too easy to ignore. We could probably save a few pounds a year with a browner supplier, but I'd rather help to reduce our impact on the planet as its this easy to do.

Since we were returning home from North Norfolk today, we decided to visit their first turbine erected in Swaffham. They have an Ecotech Centre too, but it is closed on Saturdays. If you're feeling energetic, Ecotricity arrange climbs to the viewing platform at the top of the tower.

I like this picture as it is powered by rechargeable batteries containing green-sourced electricity, it has spring blossom and was accompanied by birds singing loudly in the clean air of Swaffham (may contain traces of volcanic ash). I hope you like it.

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