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By midalgleish

A nice day despite work

Today I was working from 2pm to 10pm at the Royal Free Hospital in Hampstead.

Even though I did have to work, it was both a pleasant shift and a pleasant day on the whole. After work I even managed to catch up for a few drinks with Kate and Reuben in Angel.

I arrived in Hampstead quite early before my shift, so I had a chance to wander leisurely a little around Hampstead beforehand. It was such a pretty and sunny day too.

Sometimes even days where one has to work in Accident and Emergency can still be extremely relaxed and peaceful. Today's cases were all very textbook and relatively straightforward though, which may have helped.
Never have I ever had a whole shift/day of ONLY textbook cases. :-)

I Love it when pathologies behave themselves!!!! ;-)

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