A girl on a mission!

By missmission

A nervous Maisie

Maisie wasn't quite sure about whether she wanted to go out today or not. I think the hosepipe going, and watering our growing lawn. as well as a rather boisterous Lottie playing on her trampoline. Can't say as I blame her for not wanting to go out.

In other news today....I signed another contract today. I'm stil no where near at full capacity, and a still earning a pittance but its something at least! I have another mum coming around tomorrow to see me. I'd actually be in profit if she signed up so keep your fingers crossed!

Also had a very productive morning whilst Lottie was at nursery. My house was clean for a few hours and then she came home!!! Suppose I had better get used to it for when I am working full time!!!

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