One daze at a time...

By Raheny_Eye


Mr Mouse - the unofficial and freeloading Raheny household pet - received his P45 this morning.
He was still meeting his Finnzy-crumbs-hoovering quota but his approval rating amongst the 1-7 year old age group fell below 55%.
After only three weeks of attempting to entertain the Raheny kids with his mad dashes from the kitchen to the sitting room and back, he lost his initial appeal and became "boring", the ultimate crime.
He had to go and a pet rationalisation scheme was put in place.

As I left for work this morning, Biffo the goldfish was frantically practicing his double somersaults and his impressions of Dora the Explora.
He must feel under pressure to deliver.

I will miss Mr Mouse. I had grown sort of attached to him. But I knew that sooner or later he would bring a girlfriend to the food fest that Finnzy-Bob provides twice a day, and mice are notorious for their substandard family planning skills...

PS: Luca did wash his hands thoroughly after the shot was taken. The opportunity to handle Mr Mouse at last was too good to be missed.

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