Big Hill

By bighill

Blueness of Baddeck Bay!

The sun shone most of the day, it was such a wonderful and welcomed change from the past few days ....i actually sat on the front step with my first cup of coffee....for me this is one of the best signs of spring!

It's been a pretty good day, altho I am now totally exhausted.....why....because This guy has taken to starting of his day, just under the bird feeder, which sits right outside our bedroom window.....he has woken us up around 6.00am each morning for the past i know there are those of you who wonder what could be the problem, isn't that a reasonable time for any decent person to be getting out of bed.....well not this one!!! After a few hours in the studio, a trip to town, dinner with a couple of beers (now that could be the major problem!) I can barely keep my eyes open!

So, it's good night from him and good night from me!

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