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Had a busy but brilliant day. After the school drop-off R and I tidied the house for a midwife visit, while being directed by E, and then we headed into town. We went to the library where I took out my favorite book of poerty, for the third time. I really should buy a copy. It is 'One Robe, One Bowl' by Ryokan, it is like having a wee pot of gold in my bag with me.
We then went to the Elephant House, for possible blip No1

After dropping R off I headed to the Mosque for lunch with a friend, he was telling me about lamebook, some of it is very funny, some just downright wrong.

Back for pick up and we then headed Broons-stylee (en-masse) to view a gym with a swimming pool. It is very nice, so we managed to obtain some guest passes. Will we join, MMMmmmmm.

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