The fool on the hill

By mooncoin


Last week's local rag contained a letter, from what could fairly be described as a bit of a nutter (but maybe he's as sane as me... so who am I to judge? Circular argument.), complaining that hang gliders and paragliders were ruining his privacy by spying on his house and garden and even accusing us of casing the joint for future nefarious purposes.
This sent the club committee into a bit of a spin and it was decided we'd better respond in some way. I was all for putting large rude comments on the bottom of our wings and flying over his little bubble of tranquility but this was deemed to be in bad taste. So, as club publicity officer I wrote a little piece to the paper. Now one of the paper's reporters has requested a dual flight so he can write about his experience.
So long as they are kept in check I think the world probably benefits from the odd nutter. I hope so or I'm out of a job.

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