Sugar Magnolia

By cew

Packin' Up

Tomorrow I'm going to visit my brother John and his wife Robin in Hamilton. I haven't seen them in quite some time so I have a few things saved up for them....some knitting I made for them....they have recently renovated their kitchen so I hope these towels will match!!.....and this garlic baker I made in pottery class...I think Robin will really like it....well John too....they really enjoy the pottery I've given them in the past but never anything I've made.....the camera bag is not for them....but John freaks out that I carry my camera around without a case or just in my I'll use it tomorrow just so I don't have to listen to the rant.....;)

I hope to take some pictures of them tomorrow so maybe they will be my blip!

I used the word 'them' 6 times in this blip....must do better......

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