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Catch Up

17:18:00... Bleep... bleep... bleep... bleep

An enjoyable afternoon spent with Jack Bauer. He's some man so he is.

I didn't realise I'd fell as far behind with this series of 24; six episodes stored away to work through. A bit of multi-tasking too (who says us manly types can't do that?) with some tidying up of files in the Photo Library at the same time. Lots of rewinding on the TV though as some dramatic music plays and I realise I haven't a clue what's going on. Ok, maybe we're not that great at multi-tasking.

After yesterday's exploits down at the pond in amongst all the toxic waste we'd planned a bit of time tidying our own garden but the April showers have put paid to that. Not sure if I may have inadvertently poisoned Euan too as he's came down with a nasty cough and a sore throat. There were some nasty and noxious odours appearing as we tramped around the mud yesterday and I definitely felt a bit iffy last night too. Took at least 4 pear ciders and some medicinal Whisky to chase that feeling away.

Looks like there's another on it's way - episode of 24, another rain shower, and a cup of coffee - and there's a gorgeous smell wafting through from the kitchen so I'm off to investigate.

17:32:00... Bleep... bleep... bleep... bleep

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