Aperture Science

By stevie


Four days gone and all i can think about is my next Blip! Just so happens that my discovery of Blip marries up nicely with my annual Leave from work but it does kinda mean that nothing else is getting done (like finding somewhere to live, selling the old house - all that junk).

Wasn't to happy about the quality of yesterdays Blip and am even less happy about todays. Everything i shot was all a bit 'samey' and i couldn't get anything i really liked.

Don't get me wrong there are some excellent blipping ideas out here but I'm trying to save the really good ones for when i get my hands on a decent snapper.

I missed the room 101 assignment but if i hadn't this would be mine - pylons.

i hate them; from the way they marr the landscape to they way they crackle and hum ominously especially in the rain

Sorta went a bit mad with iphoto with this shot - i have no idea what I'm doing with it making it up as i go along i guess so i would appreciate some feedback - even if its to tell me its all too much


ps. Quick question -- why has my photo been resized? It happened yesterday and again today but not with the first 2?? cheers

Ha For anyone who is interested i figured out how to upload pictures proper sized!! i simply exported them from iphoto to the desktop and uploaded or opened them with photoshop from there! Result!

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