By wingpig


Did playing with dolls such as this turn the minds of those a couple of generations back? Did it warp them, unsettle them, give them their conviction that conflict is solved with violence, scare them and drive them to seek their strange comforts or just freak them out a bit and make them occasionally do strange things such as rename Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as Hero Turtles so that their grandchildren would not be scared of the toys purchased to entertain them?

Also appearing in the window of the antique/curio/junk shop on West Crosscauseway is a painting of a pinch-faced old woman who looks like a witch.

Popped into a normalshop on the way home from the Cameo (The Host, watchable but overpadded). Shopping highlights include "do we need some, like, cheese?" and "get some real ones but get Tesco Value ones too."

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