no practical value

I'm sure this gentleman has his own reasons for doing this, despite the only sensible reason for sock pulled-upness of any type is when cycling wearing ankle-length clothings which might otherwise be threatened by the chain. Even then it's rare to require more than one pulled-up sock. When not wearing trousers there is no need to wear pulled-up socks; either the person depicted has heard some sort of bollock-theory concerning the very slight pressure around the lower calf aiding the ankle during pedalling or he just thinks it sets off his lumpy calves better.

There is similarly no practical reasoning behind the antenatal-class-leading-woman's recommendation of craniosacral therapy for post-birthing twinges in the final session this evening. She must just like the sound of the words if she's recommending such quackery. Seeing as she also mentioned shiatsu she must really like that word too, even though it makes people of sound mind think of both horrible little yappy doglets as well as horrible charlatan pdeudotherapists pretending that they're not just rubbing your skin, they're wafting magic energies around with their incredible supernatural fingers. I personally can't stand massage but I'm prepared to consider it possible that some people might find it physically and mentally relaxing, from both the attention and the physical effect. Unfortunately it's not enough for some people and unfortunately some bullshit merchants profit therefrom. I certainly wouldn't let anyone claiming to know better than half a billion years' worth of vertebrate evolution decide how the plates of a baby's skull should be arranged, even if they did claim that their fingers could detect non-existent neuromuscular circulations. The only question now is whether to attempt to communicate my concerns about the amount of bullshit being spread before or after the proposed post-birth class reunion (at which the chief bullshit-distributrix would obviously be present). Up until today I'd have probably waited but it wasn't just the mothers it was being suggested for.

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