little longer

Almost time to start collecting all the little bits which were left for a rainy day.

It has still to be directly confirmed but it appears to be the case that the loud-music-emitting underneighbour Captain Fuckwit has vacated the building's lower premise. If it is the case then it's a shame he didn't take all the crap he pikily left strewn outside his back door but it will be quite satisfying to take all the various bits to the bin myself, unless it rains in which case taking the sleeping bag will be slightly unpleasant and drippy. It would perhaps have been more satisfying to have dumped them all in the bin whilst he was still present but if (as it seems) he turned out to not want them then it probably wouldn't have annoyed him. What did appear to annoy him was moving the quite heavy metal-and wood bench across the garden and leaving it right outside his door, where it always used to be until the door was (probably illegally) installed and where it used to be possible to sit and read in the shade of the Mystery Fruit Tree until that location became at risk of being exposed to loud, stupid music, huge quantities of fagsmoke and shouted arguments between Captain Fuckwit and some form of screechy-voiced co-habitant through the door they usually left open to let the sound and smell escape. Eventually the pile of crap outside the door made it impossible to move the bench but by this point we'd been reporting him to the council noise team so I was avoiding any face-to-face encounters in case he worked out who I was. Hopefully he'll be replaced by someone considerably less antisocial and cretinous so that we don't have any problems getting tenants to stay here when we start renting it out.

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