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By anth

Happy Birthday to Me

Today, May 1st, was my birthday. And this is the most exciting shot I could come up with? Especially odd when you consider it was shot using my new Nikon D90 (although in the rush to use it the cat was naturally the first model - taking full advantage of the fact that this camera autofocuses with my 50mm lens).

Anyway, we were supposed to be going to the Bass Rock - actually landing and wandering about amongst the gannets. But yesterday came the call that the weather forecast had scuppered that idea (as it had last year when we were originally booked - third time lucky is planned for August). So the rain in the morning limited us to a trip to the farmers market (bumping into an increasingly expectant Just Sitting (though nowhere near as expectant as Mrs Just Sitting)), and a garden centre trundle.

The afternoon brightened enough to spend most of it in the garden, getting the two new raised beds (closest to camera) and new slate path almost completely done save for a bit of snagging.

And the evening was dinner in the newly-Michelin-starred 21212 (so-named after the concept of choosing between 2 starters, getting no choice of soup, choice of 2 mains, a cheese course, and choice of 2 desserts). And how remarkably disappointing it all was. There's a fine line between 'quirk' and pretension, and I'm sure there are plenty people who (as with modern art) would say that if you don't like it then you simply don't understand.


A collection of 73 random and unseasoned ingredients in a difficult to use bowl with weird implements does not a good dinner make. Trio of (undercooked and saltless) fish with bits of popcorn as a starter? We'd gone off it earlier than the food mind you - being sat at a table side by side. Which feels as if you're both on show, and voyeuristic. And I came away with a crick in my neck. Joanna Blythman puts things perfectly.

And it's not as if we're not used to eating in some rather superb restaurants. Noma in Copenhagen last week got ranked best restaurant in the world. Been there, done that.

Don't get the concept? Well if wanting food to be tasty, surroundings to be relaxing, and to come away feeling as if you've experienced something, is a bygone concept then I'll embrace my culinary ludditeness.

p.s. another goose tongue!

EDIT: p.p.s. I see from this time last year we were going to the Kitchin, and the Old Penang the following night (for my mum's birthday - now THERE are two great restaurants.

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