Arjen kukkasia

By katrikuu

Great Expectations

I spent a lovely and sunny spring day in Kotka, a port city in the eastern coast of Finland. I tried to learn to recognize domestic fish species in Maretarium, checked how the new museum building and architectural sight Vellamo looks like and walked in a beautiful park called Sapokan vesipuisto.

Finally I wanted to have a look of Kotka's wind turbines. A foot path of 1,5 km through lovely archipelago nature took me to see this turbine, Ilona, and her companion Ilmari. Children have given these names to the turbines.

In Finland only 0,3 % of the consumed electricity is produced with wind turbines. This 1 MW turbine is one of the 118 turbines installed in Finland. She was erected in Mussalo, Kotka in 1999. Finnish government has set an objective of 6000 GWh annual electricity production by wind turbines by 2020 and last year the production was about 277 GWh. Seems like there is a lot of work to be done and Ilona needs many new friends...

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