Gillipaw's Journal

By Gillipaw

Epi is 50.

We were on a secret mission, to arrive at an agreed time and venue in Troon, to celebrate with our friend Epi who is 50 today. She was 21 the day after our wedding back in 1981, and we did make it to the party then, as it was a couple of weeks later.

We enjoyed a delicious BBQ with family and friends, sitting around the firepit, surrounded by balloons and tasteful bunting. Her birthday treat is a week's hire of this fab Mini with a softtop, so she is off on holiday for a few days touring around Scotland in it. Several of us had a spin around the block - I rather enjoyed the heated seats. What a laugh.

Her family gave her a basket of 50 Golden Gifts - Golden Shred, Gold Blend Coffee, Yellow Dusters, lots of pampering items. A very happy day together.

I think I need a holiday to recover from this hectic holiday weekend. Backblips starting from last Friday night begin here.


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