our first step into a larger world

After a little bit of foot-dragging on the parts of the lender and the broker and a little bit of entirely unnecessary scaremongering by the vending solicitor whilst we were waiting for the lender to start communicating with the outside world rather than letting the vending solicitor think that we were just pretending and finally a slight delay for a certificate of comfort to be issued in relation to the decreased size of ventilatory space offered by these non-original windows compared to those of the primary installation, we now appear to have an house. A proper house house with all stairs in, a cupboard underneath them, a loft above them and more than two rooms. Although it's still quite a small house it provides at least thrice the space of the flat and is only 50% more distant from my employment. There's even an extremely small shedlet, possibly just big enough to store a couple of bicycles in.

It'll be a little while before it becomes the place where we live, though the delivery of a bed tomorrow will be a significant step towards this. If other deliveries could delay themselves until at least next week then they'll not interfere with a couple of van-hire bookings which should hopefully get everything cleared out of the storage unit and at least another vansworth cleared from the flat. The rest (which will probably continue to grow in apparent size as it is retrieved from cupboards) can be shuttled over carload by carload at relative leisure, though the forthcoming presences of various sets of parents with significantly more spacious cars than ours will aid the transferral process. At least the large items like the sofa, bed and wardrobe are all staying though the latter two will have to be partially dismantled and shifted between rooms to allow some pre-rental replastering to occur.

First things first, though: internet hook-up has been scheduled for the weekend. Whilst waiting for the engineer to arrive I'm sure I can find something useful to do, such as taking down those curtains and digging a deep hole in the garden in which to bury them.

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