the slice of life

The two blokes on the wall next to the big foot thing next to the roundabout at the top of leith walk started it. I did have another couple of blokes-on-benches but they are unfortunately at different heights within the frame. This selection also means that the two sets of halves on the outside bracket the woman both in the picture and in physical location although this didn't occur to me until just now, 24 hours after posting.

My ISP gave me a ring at lunchtime to tell me that a routine audit revealed 251MB of content in my allotted 50MB of webspace. Some older links might not work whilst I trim the filesizes down a little.

Morespeak tomorrow morning. The telly is on making it impossible to concentrate.

The other vague thing I was thinking about when selecting these and not others was that these are all doing something even if it's just better-do-something innocuous random activity which prevents them being a weirdo who is JUST SITTING THERE. I can't remember what I used to use for such a purpose before mobiles came along; I usually had something to read or something to write in but would be perfectly happy (or grumpy, depending on how far back it was) just sitting there watching and/or glowering at the world. Now I tend to have a notebook, mobile and camera to write in or read, tap at and review pictures on or fiddle with if I feel the need to appear busy rather than just idle when sitting waiting somewhere or just sitting.

If one of these had been me I'd have sneaked a picture back though.

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