In position

The rotor of the HP/IP steamturbine is safely placed where it belongs..
All the nozzlerings in which the steam is lead to the next stage of turning blades are put into place.
Preparations are being made to put back the upper casing of the turbine.

The orange colored tarpaulin has been spread carefully over the turbine after I took my picture.... :-)
This is to prevent things from falling in.. You can imagine what will happen if some kind of tool falls inside and the person who did it says nothing...

Here the rotor is hanging in the crane.

Here is a view at the labyrinth seal between HP and IP turbine. In this way the separation between the two turbines which are situated in the same casing is ensured. In the labyrinths the speed and pressure of the steam are lowered by means of changing the direction of the steam several times in a row thus ensuring a good separation between the two different turbinepressures.

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