Every Cairn starts with 1 stone...

Bethany has a facination with stones. She picks them up, saunters around a bit, finds a recipient and passes them on. Sometimes she just moves them about on a wall or bench, rearranges them into different configurations. It can be facinating to watch. I've started collecting her interesting and odd stones that I find in the garden or as in yesterday's blip, along the shore where I found her a non-descript rock with all sorts of nobbly bits of the sort that you only ever find washed up at the shore.

For those not familiar with the scottish tradition of cairn building, a cairn is just a big pile of rocks usually found on a mountain top in Scotland. Apparently you just find a rock and add it to the pile as you walk past. What always tiwsted my noodle was... how do you start one withouot anything other than a small pile of stones. If you start with just 1 then it's just a rock on a mountain?

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