The Pensioner

By Pensioner

Land, Sea and Sky... sang the Skids and they were from over here. A day out with Mum, and the daughter looking at boats. First stop, Port Edgar, to buy a length of rope for the maw's pulley which has broken. Then on to Fife - hail showers and cold gusts of wind so we repaired to the Red Lion at Culross for bit of scran and a beer (always good to have mum and her wallet along). Then the sun came out.
Later, to the Filmhouse to see that bint Tilda Swinton in I Am Love (sorry, I mean Io sono l'amore). Very stylish and artily made, as you can imagine. And actually it was pretty good. One warning though, echoed by the BBFC; Consumer Advice: Contains strong sex.

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