Paul's Imagination.

By paulransom


A test shot for an idea. Those little cubes will be cut into IDEA tomorrow, and perhaps painted. Motivation (my hand) kick-starts an idea (the blocks), you see!

Today, in the name of art, also featured filling eggs with paint and dropping them onto paper from an upstairs window. I would've done more but the beautiful British weather had other plans.

I love studying art, screw academic subjects!

(Oops, seems I forgot to fill in this bit)
Something good: Where The Wild Things Are... again!
Something new: First time I've dropped a paint-filled egg from a window I guess...?

(I have just realised that I will be out from 8am - 11pm tomorrow... which has completely scuppered my celebratory blip plans... poo! Advance warning it may be a disappointing blip tomorrow)

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