The Pensioner

By Pensioner

Workaday Day

Did so much stuff! Fixed maw's pulley, did attic stuff, fixed dishwasher leak - oh the list is endless - even managed a trip to the gym. And so later on, fancied taking myself off to the movies as I hadn't been for ages. That's the view from my seat if you don't want to watch the same bloody adverts yet again. Watched Lebanon. Hugely disappointing - grim and hysterical overacting. Oh wow. War is hell and we've covered our faces in oil to prove it. That's enough! I'm aff tae meet some pals and drink a toast to Beth, Mr JS's new arrival.

PS What about that Nick Clegg unveiling the geatest blah blah since the Great Reform Act!!??? Someone take out a pin and let him down and not too gently. That's the danger of being home alone - yer heid boils at times listening to the radio. It's like being inside a tank in Lebanon so it is.

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