initiate launch sequence

I think I bought the smallest possible size of these when I bought this a few years ago as it was seen as a novelty purchase which would take up lots of space and would be little-used after the first couple of days. I'd been finding that our cheap Ikeate stackable stools frequently gave me dead legs when sitting computing for any length of time and thought one of these might solve the dead leg problem and prevent unsightly slumping. After eventually finding a way of getting it pumped up to a suitable pressure (by clipping the end off the spare stopper and breaking an old bicycle pump to fit the stopper as a nozzle) it became my main chair for a good several months until some sort of flat-redecoration or furniture-movement or possibly even the deconstruction of my desk made it necessary to deflate the ball and stick it in the back of a cupboard, unfortunately not Sellotaping the spare stopper/nozzle-pump to the ball. After making sure it lived through the house-movement process in a state where its location was known I managed to find the rubbish foot-pump which came free with the rubbish inflatable mattress we sometimes made guests sleep on and managed to half-inflate the ball to an almost-usable state, though it now seems much too small to use as an occasional laptop-typing station although it luckily turned out to be the ideal size for Nicky to lean over to get into a vaguely not-too-uncomfortable position when her contractions started ramping up late this evening after starting earlier this evening. Perhaps when I've made a bit of space by building something outside the house to keep my bicycle in I might be allowed to get a larger ball so that we both have somewhere comfortable to sit if our loaned sofa is recalled before it's been replaced.

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