Stirling Reidos

By StirlingReidos


This is the sort of pre-bedtime activity I like...

So often, just before bedtime in this house it is complete and utter madness...the ring leader is usually the bigger boy in this picture. He is our middle son...not sure if that's a reason or not for his chaos causing tendencies. The youngest is in copy cat stage at the moment...anything his older brothers can do he can do better.

So it's nice when it is a quiet activity he is copying:-) The middle son likes to colour-in & draw too...we call him Ozzy...named for Ozzy Osbourne who also likes to create chaos and colour-in:-) They were here for a good half hour working away together then off to bed. Yes, it's much more desirable than throwing all the cushions of the furniture and taking turns to dive on them!

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