John Van de Graaff

By VandeGraaff

Cape Cod to Northampton

The top image shows my exhibition on Cape Cod, which I hung last Wednesday. This afternoon I gave a presentation on that theme--"Birds of the Massachusetts Coast"--it was well received. My wife and I then drove the four hours directly back to Northampton. Below I blipped the aftermath of our supper of vegetarian sushi on our second floor porch.

Thanks SO very much to everyone who congratulated me on my 100th blip yesterday--I'll try to reply personally in the next couple of days.

Those interested in birds who missed that blip might want to go back to the last three days of blips from Cape Cod. My website (here) has images from the Cape Cod exhibition, at Wellfleet Bay, a Mass Audubon Wildlife Sanctuary.

A final note re birds: Our next outing where I'll focus on them is to Canada, from May 30 to June 12 in Alberta and Saskatchewan (I hope my stiff neck is better!)

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