Sofa for free

Thanks all of you who congratulated me om my 1095 yesterday!

Too tired today to do anything. All my neighbors had flea market in the yard, Some of them were as tired as me...

On the paper on his chest - you can see it in the big version - is written Sofa for free

P.S. This was first uploaded via iPhone and was put up on the wrong date. Then I sent it to my e-mail and the exif-data followrd it and it was on the right date. The three comments already made on the wrong one I copied before deleting. Here they are:

Congrats I remember way back when! we started about the same time. your photos are always interesting i just don't comment much
~ jimchmst

great pic
~ orchid99

Can't beat a sofa for free!
I see a funny-looking face in the child seat on the back of that bike...
~ Red

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