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By PossMan

Provost's Lamp

I'm English so when first told to turn right at the "Provost's Lamp" I had no idea what that meant. But here (and I think elsewhere in Scotland) Provosts (=Mayors) get a couple of lamposts outside their house and ex-provosts get one. This one has the arms of Inverness District Council before it became absorbed into Highland Council. It's straight ahead of me as I come up our lane each morning. The old arms of the Royal Burgh of Inverness were just Jesus on the Cross with elephant and camel as supporters and cornucopia as crest. Goodness knows where the camel and elephant came from. Here a crescent and star have been added which according to one website are often added to arms showing saints (Jesus a saint?) The cornucopia in upper half is taken from the crest of the burgh arms, the cat from the arms of Clan Mackintosh, the cinquefoil is a token for Aird and the wavy bar is supposed to represent Beauly and Ness rivers.

Inverness is now a so-called city and as such applied for arms. Lord Lyon (in charge of things heraldic for Scotland) refused on the grounds that Inverness as such has no real boundaries or governing body. Why didn't he just say it's not a real city like say Salisbury, Winchester, or Manchester?

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