Back in 5. Or tomorrow.

By mly

Jet lagged superstar

This is the world famous conductor Gustavo Dudamel, not only the principal conductor of the Gothenburg Symphony but also the artistic director of the Orquesta Sinfónica Simón Bolívar of Venezuela and the music director of the Los Angeles Philharmonic, after tonight's rehearsal, conferring with our (the choir's) rehearsal conductor, Christina.
We have the pleasure of, for the third time over the course of three years, being a part of a concert with Maestro Dudamel. This time it's Mozart's Mass in C minor - a beautiful piece! I so would have liked to be able to snap some shots during the rehearsal with all of the orchestra in place and Gustavo at his best and most energetic, but it's not easily done without disturbing someone, so I had to wait until after we were done before catching Gustavo's eye, pointing to my camera inquiringly, getting a smile and a nod back, and then snapping some quick shots as he was wrapping things up with Christina. I got TWO that weren't completely blurry, but there's still a lot to be asked for... If you would like to see him with all of the energy that he brings when conducting, and not two days out of Los Angeles in Sweden with a jet lag of +10 hours in his eyes, just google him! He is amazing. Amazing! Concert tomorrow, it's going to be wonderful!

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