Seeing as I am

By seeingasiam

Dribble? Get a Bibble!

Noah is a dribbler. He produces drool at such a rate it's rather like being mother to a small water feature.

I loathe bibs...I hate seeing babies in bibs (just a personal thing) but Noah needs a bib...or several in fact.

I saw a cute little baby in a cute little neckerchief type attachment the other day. I chased after the mum and asked where she got it. She was German so not much help really as she didn't have much English, but the seed was sown.

I googled baby neckerchiefs and came up with a company which sells Bibbles! They're gorgeous and trendy and more absorbent than bibs and I love 'em.

Noah is modelling a selection. From the left:

1. The Brokeback Mountain bibble
2. The Hello Sailor! bibble
3. The 'Fetch my Stetson and horse' bibble
4. The Artisan bibble
5. The Shaun the Sheep special.

I have more and they're all gorgeous. If anyone has a dribbler I recommend this company I have no connection with them, other than I've just bought their product, but I can highly recommend them for service and quality...they even do girly ones.

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