Gillipaw's Journal

By Gillipaw

Hairy Dandelion

I joined the Dandelion Club with my green version last Friday, thinking this would be my only entry.

I walked to a meeting this evening, trying various quick shots, and this is my favourite, so a second go.

#1 son had the last of his university exams today, that's 2nd year over. He has just run in the door, dropped off his bag, and disappeared again - off to celebrate the end no doubt.

#2 son had three hours of Higher Graphic Communication this afternoon. I am glad the temperature has dropped to a more reasonable level, as it would not have been pleasant sitting in a sweat shop for that length of time trying to concentrate. He has Advanced Physics tomorrow - quietly confident about that one, after all it is his best subject. And that will be end for him, apart from the Yearbook Presentations and Prom in mid June.


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